Using Tall Wedding Centerpieces in 2016

wedding centerpiecesWith couples well into planning for 2016 weddings, top trends are emerging – from venues to color palettes to florals. This year, there is a return to romanticism, an emphasis on soft ambient lighting, and a trend toward innovative bouquet and flower arrangements. One of the most popular floral designs is tall centerpieces – for many reasons, these statuesque and elegant displays are often the choice of Danvers couples.

wedding centerpieces


Why are high centerpieces trending?

  • The height of the arrangement does a wonderful job of filling open air and vacuous spaces;
    such as venues with vaulted ceilings
  • Tall arrangements draw the eye upwards to romantic illumination.
  • Guests can easily speak to one another across the table, without the line of sight being hindered.


There are many ways that you can attain new heights with your wedding florals.


  • Look for unique candlesticks, vases and glassware that will elevate the florals above the table. Tall, clear glass containers can also showcase petals or small blooms floating up the stem for an added floral touch.
  • Vintage elements such painted crates or shelving can lift your flowers and add country or rustic interest.
  • Utilizing tall, slender stalks and natural details will elongate the line of the arrangement. Calla lilies, gladioli, lupine flowers and orchid stems are popular choices; while grasses or twigs accessorize creatively.


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