Old Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsMany of the traditions we take for granted on a wedding day have strange beginnings shrouded in history. Although the superstitions and beliefs which inspired the rituals are long gone, the customs remain, even hundreds and thousands of years later, right here in Danvers.

For instance, before the 19th century, brides didn’t get married in white as a rule. They simply wore their very best dress, no matter the color. Much like today, it was considered in poor taste to wear the same color as the bride, as she was to stand out on her day. Royalty generally married wearing silver gowns. But in 1840, when Queen Victoria got married, she chose to marry in white – and brides began to follow her lead. Veils were traditionally worn to ward off evil spirits, as brides were thought to be particularly vulnerable to such attacks.

wedding traditions

The tradition of the best man began in ancient German civilization, and later spread through Europe. The best man was chosen for his strength and fighting ability, as it was often necessary to take a bride from a neighboring village; then to defend the couple if the family came to take her back. The custom of the bride standing to the groom’s left began as a necessity as well – the groom needed to have easy access to his sword in case a fight broke out during the wedding.

wedding traditions


Of course, it is hard to imagine a wedding without flowers. While in Victorian times flowers were chosen for their inherent meaning – such as love, fidelity or commitment – today we choose flowers based upon preference and color scheme. But whatever the reason for your floral choice, you can trust the creation of your bridal bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony flowers to the experts at Currans Flowers. Whether you go with traditional arrangements or unique displays, our flowers are sure to make your wedding day a memorable one.