Inspired Wedding Proposals

wedding proposalsA wedding proposal is one of the most exciting events in your life, something you will look back on for years. While some people choose to execute intricate plans to surprise their loved one, other people go the simple and direct route. Whatever your style when asking the big question, flowers are essential! At Curran’s Flowers, we’ve worked with hundreds of couples, and have seen some creative ways to incorporate the beauty of flowers into your entire experience – from wedding proposals to first dances.
Wedding proposals can vary greatly, and depend largely on the personality of the couple involved. Here are three ideas for incorporating flowers into the big question, each one geared to different personalities. We hope these will be a springboard to inspire you to come up with your own fantastic proposal!

wedding proposalsGoing All Out  – You are in love, and you want the world to know it! In fact, you are not afraid to ask the world to participate in your proposal, and planning the perfect set-up is right up your alley.  Get a large bunch of your intended’s favorite flowers, and separate out stem by stem. Enlist total strangers throughout the day to approach your partner and deliver a single stem. From the mailman to the barista to a passer-by on the street, you’ll find people will love to participate. By the end of the day, a full bouquet will have been assembled, but save the last bloom for yourself, and tie the ring to it with a ribbon.

An Al Fresco Sanctuary – Perhaps you don’t want to involve the neighborhood, but you do want to plan out a beautiful surprise. Set up an outdoor picnic ahead of time, and surround it with floral blooms. Mason jars of her favorite flower, strings of blossoms hanging in “floral curtains”, and baskets filled with flowers will all set a very romantic stage.  Provide a floral crown for her to wear as well, to really embrace the spirit.
wedding proposalsSimple and Sweet – Maybe a big production isn’t your idea of a romantic proposal.  Let’s face it, one-knee proposals work! Simply have a bouquet of roses in one hand, the ring in the other, and let the love flow. Create a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or have a bouquet designed to match the ring.

When planning your wedding, it is always easier to consult with the experts! Here at Curran’s Flowers, we look forward to providing assistance with all of your wedding flower needs – check out our wedding resources page for great local vendors and services for your Danvers area wedding.