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Sensational Winter Weddings

winter weddingWhen it comes to weddings many people think of the June bride – something related to the spring and summer seasons; however, with the proper preparations and decorations you can have a sensational winter wedding too. In fact, with major holidays arriving during this part of the year, there is a variety of options to choose from in determining your wedding theme.

Whatever your requirements are, we can provide just about everything you need to make your special day memorable. Listed below are a couple of samples of what you can expect while consulting with us.

Lush Autumn Texture

Although the word autumn is in the name, this striking centerpiece would look terrific on any of the primary reception or guest tables. Its eclectic style features light grey, white, and red pretty roses combined with a variety of other blooms and accented with a mixture of colorful floral and delicate ferns. Because of its wide range of hues and textures, it certainly corresponds to any month.

winter wedding

Bridesmaid’s Bouquet

Whether you have many or just one, any bridesmaid will be proud to carry this splendid bouquet featuring pearly-white velvety roses coupled with ornamental sprigs and graced by generous green foliage. You can guarantee she will be smiling from ear to ear.

We have a gallery, books of designs and magazines which is extensive in highlighting what we have available.

winter wedding


It would thrill us here at Currans to contribute to your special day; we have designers that welcome your inquiries in reference to what we have to offer. We can provide floral arrangements to your specifications, suggestions for unique themes and more.

Being familiar with the different venues such as worship centers, function halls, outdoor backdrops and restaurants, we are able to help you customized the ceremony and reception to the situation as it presents itself.

To insure our talented professionals are at your service, just give us a call or send an email to set up an appointment.



The Perfect Chrysanthemums for Your Wedding Centerpieces

chrysanthemumChrysanthemums are recognized as the quintessential flower of fall due to the deep red, orange, yellow, and purple colors for which their potted plant varieties are known. For this reason, they make the perfect flowers for autumn weddings, but due to their greatly diverse varieties they fit perfectly into weddings during any season of the year. While they can be used in almost any floral arrangement you request for your wedding day, chrysanthemums make the perfect addition to your reception table centerpieces where they will stun guests as an element of your wedding decor.

No matter the colors you selected for your wedding theme, there is sure to be a chrysanthemum variety or several to complement your decor. Available in seemingly countless varieties, chrysanthemums bloom in almost every color and shade from spring green, light peach, purple, lavender, and violet-blue to wedding white and gold, crimson, and almost every pink imaginable. They also come in several multi-colored varieties featuring yellow centers with red-tipped petals or white centers with pink-tipped petals.


In addition to the chrysanthemum’s spectrum of colors, they also bloom in a variety of sizes and shapes to complement any style of centerpiece from small and condensed to tall and elegant. Their blooms range in shape and size from small daisy and button-like blooms to large, voluminous pompons akin to the flowers of dahlias. Whether used alone or in tandem with other flowers like roses, daisies, lilies, hydrangea, or carnations, chrysanthemums can be gathered to create elegant, whimsical, formal, or casual bouquets for any wedding reception.

At Curran Brothers Florists & Greenhouses, our professionals specialize in wedding floral and can help you decorate your wedding with chrysanthemums. Incorporating them in your reception with centerpieces and even in your ceremony by adding them to your bridal bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, aisle treatments, and more. We look forward to helping you make your big day even more special by adding an array of beautiful floral memories to your wedding.


Danvers Vintage Weddings

vintage weddingsFrom invitation design to venue selection, the theme of your wedding day will determine the choices you make. While vintage weddings are very much the rage right now, there is no definitive way to host a vintage event. “Vintage” is defined as more than a generation old, but not yet antique – leaving decades of tradition and history to inspire you and your décor.


From the roaring 20’s to the rebellious 60’s, each era had its own personality. Therefore the ambiance of your vintage wedding depends largely on your style. The early 20th century saw garden parties with crystal accents and lush peony and rose bouquets; a decade later, long strings of pearls, feathered headpieces and champagne defined the party. From art deco to flower children, our colorful history evokes nostalgic memories, each one special in its own way.


Choosing a gown from a bygone era – whether from your mom’s closet or bridal store – is a great place to start. A dress embossed with crystal, or a long veil trimmed in antique lace will look classically beautiful; add a wrap fastened with an heirloom brooch or cameo for a meaningful touch. Your groom’s handkerchief or cummerbund can display a retro pattern that will tie in with the feeling for the day; from 50’s polka dots to 70’s paisley.

vintage wedding flowers - newly married couple with flower bouquet in hand

Whether adorning the head table or adding excitement to the wedding cake, strings of pearls or delicate details are traditional vintage. These elements can be added to nearly every part of your day. Bridal bouquets, showcasing romantic blooms set off with jewels, feathers or antique lace will make everyone reminiscent; while crystal goblets and candelabras grace the venue with traditional style.


Curran Brother Florists are your local wedding specialists. Come into our Danvers flower shop to begin to make your dream wedding a reality – aisle flowers to centerpieces, your vintage wedding celebration will be one for the history books, and guaranteed to create new memories you will relive for a lifetime.