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Traditional Roles for Mom in Your Wedding

mom rolesThere’s nothing more exciting than planning your wedding day and there’s no doubt you want everything to be perfect. While you may think you can handle all the decisions and details yourself, at some point you will likely feel overwhelmed and need some help. Thankfully, you have a ready, willing and able partner in your mother.

Here are just a few ideas to give Mom some pressure-relieving duties and make this time more enjoyable for you!

Dress shopping – Bring Mom with you if possible, she would love to be involved! But what if you are in Danvers planning the wedding and your parents are retired in Florida? You have technology to involve Mom – text her ideas and photos to get her feedback; or even set up a virtual chat when you’re in the boutique trying on dresses so that she can participate.

Details, details – Mom can be your go-to person when it comes to all the correspondence you’ll be receiving. Let Mom field return calls from vendors like musicians, venues, flower shops, caterers, and more! Make it fun for her by giving her a wedding journal – an organizer where she can track the calls and help with decisions.

Guest lists galore – Mom can help determine who should be on the guest list. She’ll know everyone from your eccentric aunt to your second cousin, so let her help! She can also be a great resource to help coordinate with the groom’s family to ensure their guests are also accommodated.

Get away – during planning a wedding, nearly every bride hits a point where she needs a break. This is a great time to spend some stress-free time with your mother before the wedding. The two of you can enjoy some serious girl time while you let the worries of the wedding planning drift away for a few moments.

If you mom isn’t already one of your best friends, she just might be after she helps you plan your wedding!

Here at Currans Flowers, we look forward to working with you to plan the perfect day. From cascading bridal bouquets to mom’s corsage – we are your one stop wedding flower source.