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Wedding Colors to Look for this Spring

wedding colorsInspiration for your wedding design can come from many places. One of the key indicators of the next seasons’ hottest wedding colors is the Pantone Color Trends Report; which is compiled using the colors seen in the world’s most prestigious runway shows. This report outlines the ten shades that experts say we can expect to see not only in fashion but in all aspects of design, including florals for weddings. The professional designers at Curran’s Flowers can take whatever inspiration you brings us, and recommend the very best blooms to bring  your bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony decor to life.
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Inspired Wedding Proposals

wedding proposalsA wedding proposal is one of the most exciting events in your life, something you will look back on for years. While some people choose to execute intricate plans to surprise their loved one, other people go the simple and direct route. Whatever your style when asking the big question, flowers are essential! At Curran’s Flowers, we’ve worked with hundreds of couples, and have seen some creative ways to incorporate the beauty of flowers into your entire experience – from wedding proposals to first dances.
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Floral Accents and Extras

floral accents

When it comes to planning your wedding, the details make all the difference! Once you have chosen your colors, your venue, and your dress – you’ll need to decide upon your flowers and your floral accents.  While bridal bouquets, bridesmaid’s bouquets, and centerpieces get a lot of attention, there are so many other ways that flowers can be used to bring color and beauty to every corner of your wedding. After decades of helping Danvers and Beverly couples create their dream wedding day, we have the ideas and inspiration you are looking for!
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Metallic Accents Add Shine and Shimmer

metallic accents

Your wedding day is just that –  yours. The decisions you make regarding your dress, your venue, and your wedding flowers are all expressions of who you are and what is important to you. A bridal bouquet overflowing with your favorite flowers, a venue that reflects someplace special to you as a couple – it is in the details that the essence of the day takes shape. This year, metallic accents continue to be popular with brides and grooms for weddings of all kinds, as their versatility adds beauty to virtually any setting. At Curran’s Flowers, we love helping Danvers area couples to create the ambiance they have always dreamed of.
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Tupper Manor Wedding Flowers

Tupper Manor is a historic venue built in the early 1900’s. It is now owned by Endicott College, and is part of its Wylie Conference Center, located on the water in Beverly Massachusetts. Currans Flowers loves creating flowers for wedding receptions held at unique venues like Tupper Manor.

Tupper Manor

We had the pleasure of creating beautiful wedding flowers for newly married Mr. & Mrs. Darren Shaw, who held their reception at this beautiful venue.

Pike - Bridal Couple

Jenny’s bouquet featured a rich combination of garden roses, dahlias, hydrangea and celosia.

Pike-Bridesmaid 2

The bridesmaid’s bouquets shared the same color palette but exhibited varied flower choices. which created a unified yet eclectic feel for the whole bridal party.  Bridesmaid floral choices included seasonal viburnum berries, cymbidium orchids, and deep colored dahlias – just beautiful!

Pike Wedding Party Bridesmaids together

Tupper Manor provided a beautiful backdrop for the reception offering formal settings…

Jenny_Darren_Party on steps

natural environments…..

Jenny_Darren_Bridal Party Nature

and the ever popular regional seaside photo opportunities…

Jenny_Darren_5480 Beach

Jenny’s vision for the reception maintained the lush, rich look of the bridal party with the inclusion of succulents in the centerpieces and decor.

Pike - Centerpiece Succulent 2

The addition of Silver Brunia in some of the pieces tied in the silvers and grays and offered texture to make the designs fun and fresh.

Pike - Centerpiece Garden Succulent

Tupper Manor’s historic feel and beautiful design added to the ambiance of the reception.

Tupper Manor

Some of the venue’s features called for impressive impact pieces which tied the rich look and feel together.

Pike tall & Elegant

At night,  Tupper Manor glows – if you do it right. What a fun night!

Tupper Manor

Currans Flowers always enjoys being a part of special moments in people’s lives, especially at special venues such as Tupper Manor

Pike - Bridal

Thank you to Lindsay Pierce Photography for the beautiful images of this wonderful event.

Please consider letting Currans Flowers’ wedding team create the perfect flowers for your Tupper Manor Wedding! With over 80 years experience serving the families of the north shore and beyond, Currans is your best local choice for wedding flowers.

Orchid Florals for your Wedding Day

orchid florals

Although a bride has a vast array of choices for her wedding day, there are few things more elegant than a cascading bouquet of orchids.  These exotic and sumptuous flowers are one of the most popular choices for bridal bouquets, both because they exude sophistication and because they come in widely diverse varieties perfect for any bride – and any color palette. For those couples considering orchid florals for their special day, the wedding consultants at Curran’s Flowers can offer expert advice and guidance as to which variety may be best for your vision and budget.

orchid florals

Although there are a wide variety of orchids that can be utilized for a wedding, industry insiders tell us that there are three main types of orchids that are requested over and over. The dendrobium orchid is known for its vast spectrum of colors, as well as for some beautiful shadings within the same flower. Ample bouquets of dendrobium are perfect for centerpieces and large venue decor.

orchid florals

The phalaenopsis orchid is a lush and opulent variety which is also known as a “Moth orchid”, as its petals look like the moth’s open wingspan. These orchids tend to have oversized blooms that fare well as boutonnieres and corsages, providing a brilliant splash of color in a single blossom.  Cymbidium orchids can be monochromatic, or exhibit primarily one color with a contrasting colorful pattern in the center of the bloom. Especially popular this year is the exquisite green cymbidium, shown here filling a centerpiece vase ; while a perennial favorite is a white orchid with pink or magenta accents.

orchid florals

Brides can choose to have bouquets and arrangements made up only of orchid florals; or to mix the orchids amongst roses, hydrangea, and lilies.  A consultation with an expert from Curran’s Flowers will allow you to see the different orchids first hand, and experiment with different arrangements and aesthetics that will fit your dream and your budget. If you are planning a wedding in Danvers, Beverly or Salem, we would consider it a privilege to help you create your perfect wedding flowers.

Christmas in July – Holiday Wedding Planning

holiday weddingHalfway through the summer and deep into long, hot days, discussing plans for the winter seems a little strange. But if you are anticipating your holiday wedding, experts recommend that these days are the perfect ones to choose your florist and begin making decisions on the flowers for your celebration. You may think that all florists can successfully coordinate holiday wedding events, or have the experience required to stage a wedding during one of the busiest times of the year – but they do not. The expert designers at Currans Flowers have the knowledge, expertise and creativity you need  for your wedding – don’t settle for less!
It is widely accepted  that a bride should consult with her floral coordinator about 6 months prior to the wedding day to begin planning. This time frame will guarantee that not only will she have gorgeous bouquets and arrangements that she will love, but that they fit into her vision and her budget – and are stylistically a good fit for the venue.
holiday wedding
Holiday weddings are deemed those which take place between Thanksgiving weekend and New Year’s Day. This time of year is unparalleled for romantic and elegant weddings – but the season also creates a few challenges. Venues, caterers, entertainers and florists will all be reserved early on, due to the sheer number of holiday parties – so it is important for the bride to make these decisions well in advance. Also, because many flowers are not in season during the winter, consulting with an expert wedding designer now will allow couples to experiment with alternative selections, and consider ideas to ensure the floral elements are just as beautiful as she envisioned.


Once you have chosen your venue, gather your color swatches and inspiration photos, and come speak with a wedding planner here at Currans Flowers. We look forward to helping you plan the most spectacular holiday wedding that Danvers has ever seen.

Your Best Wedding Value

wedding valueYou’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time. You’ve got file folders of Pinterest photos and wedding blogs, all showcasing the exact type of venue, dress and flowers you want for your dream wedding. Everything about this day has got to be perfect, but the costs are adding up – and when faced with the dilemma, you may be tempted to price-shop for the lowest priced vendors in order to save money.

While some aspects of your wedding may be conducive to looking for the lowest cost bidder, your wedding flowers are not – for so many reasons. Primarily, a bride may not understand that her “must-have ” floral combination is out of season and hard to acquire, and therefore will be expensive regardless of who provides it. Expert floral designer Paul Danehy offers a better solution – to get the best value, give the florist a color palette to work with in lieu of specific floral varieties. “If the bride is stuck on using peach peonies in August,” Paul explains, “she will be paying $20 per stem if they are even available.” In this case, the quality won’t be the best, given the difficulty in sourcing the flower and needing to take what she can find. On the other hand, if the bride asks for recommendations for a luxurious peach flower, the florist could choose a lavish garden rose or elegant dahlia. These are more in season, and will, therefore, save the bride money while delivering and overall higher quality result in her bouquets and arrangements.

Floral designers can not only recommend the best flowers to use for the season but can give you insider tips on the best ways to save money – utilizing more expensive flowers for the bride’s bouquet, for instance, while using more affordable complementary flowers for bridesmaids or reception flowers. For those thinking about saving money by creating their DIY floral arrangements, Paul has a little more insight. The experts at Curran’s often encounter frantic brides the day before the wedding, pleading for help because they haven’t been able to create the bouquets and centerpieces they were hoping for, not realizing the skill it requires. Experts suggest a trial run of putting the centerpiece together, then multiplying the effort by the number of required arrangements, considering how to logistically store and transport fresh flowers, while keeping in mind everything else going on in the days before a wedding. “Usually, it costs less to have the professional design, deliver and set up for your wedding,” Paul says. Certainly it saves you pressure and stress; not to mention avoiding much higher last minute expenses involved in an emergency floral design rescue.

Overall, the floral designer can be a trusted adviser in your wedding planning, ensuring that one of the most visible and impressive aspects of your wedding – your flowers – are exactly what you always dreamed of. Relax, at Currans Flowers we’re professionals -your wedding is going to be amazing.

Old Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsMany of the traditions we take for granted on a wedding day have strange beginnings shrouded in history. Although the superstitions and beliefs which inspired the rituals are long gone, the customs remain, even hundreds and thousands of years later, right here in Danvers.

For instance, before the 19th century, brides didn’t get married in white as a rule. They simply wore their very best dress, no matter the color. Much like today, it was considered in poor taste to wear the same color as the bride, as she was to stand out on her day. Royalty generally married wearing silver gowns. But in 1840, when Queen Victoria got married, she chose to marry in white – and brides began to follow her lead. Veils were traditionally worn to ward off evil spirits, as brides were thought to be particularly vulnerable to such attacks.

wedding traditions

The tradition of the best man began in ancient German civilization, and later spread through Europe. The best man was chosen for his strength and fighting ability, as it was often necessary to take a bride from a neighboring village; then to defend the couple if the family came to take her back. The custom of the bride standing to the groom’s left began as a necessity as well – the groom needed to have easy access to his sword in case a fight broke out during the wedding.

wedding traditions


Of course, it is hard to imagine a wedding without flowers. While in Victorian times flowers were chosen for their inherent meaning – such as love, fidelity or commitment – today we choose flowers based upon preference and color scheme. But whatever the reason for your floral choice, you can trust the creation of your bridal bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony flowers to the experts at Currans Flowers. Whether you go with traditional arrangements or unique displays, our flowers are sure to make your wedding day a memorable one.


Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingsSummer weddings are romantic, dreamy and very popular with couples.

They also present unique challenges for wedding planning – sunny skies and bright sunshine, although beautiful, needs some planning to keep everything – from guests to flowers – cool and refreshed.

summer weddings

Here are some tips if you are planning a summer wedding:


Timing: Plan for a wedding late in the day, when the heat is not so intense. Be aware of the setting sun’s position, so that guests will not be looking into the glare of the sun.


Shade: If the venue has covered porticos, patios or outdoor spaces, utilize the available shade for your ceremony, reception and interim moments. If the ceremony location has no shade, consider a gazebo or floral canopy to keep the bride and groom shaded.


Flowers: Roses, orchids and lilies- especially calla lilies – hold up well to heat. Keep flowers in water until the last possible minute to prevent wilting; utilizing hardy greenery such as succulents, eucalyptus and olive branches will result in a healthy looking arrangement.

summer weddingsMore About Flowers: Arrange all ceremony and venue flowers in vases that hold water, and make sure that the blooms stay hydrated throughout the day. Designate someone to make sure that the flowers, like your guests, have water refills throughout the day and never get thirsty.


If your day is spread out across many hours, speak to Currans Flowers about two deliveries to your wedding venue; with the flowers for the later part of the day arriving closer to the time they are needed. In this way, flowers will not wilt while waiting. As the Danvers area premier wedding florist, Currans Flowers has assisted hundreds of couples with their dream summer event – call us today to help you decorate your special day with beautiful and fresh flowers that will look fantastic all day long.