A New Year’s Engagement & Your Future Nuptials

new year's engagementA wedding engagement is a transformative experience, particularly when the big event happens on New Year’s Eve as we march into a new year of hope and possibilities. Did you know that New Year’s Eve is the most popular time for wedding proposals?

As the glow of the engagement softens, thoughts of wedding planning will take its place. What flowers will you choose? Where will you celebrate your nuptials? What date will you walk down the aisle? What colors will represent your wedding? Maybe you’re still working out the details of the proposal!

Classic New Year’s Eve Proposals

One of the best parts about proposing on New Year’s Eve is that it doesn’t take a tremendous amount of creativity to pull off an incredibly memorable experience. “Popping the question” at the stroke of midnight requires nothing more than a clock, a countdown, and a ring, and perhaps a bouquet in her favorite colors.

new year's engagement

Another awesome way to ring in the new year with a proposal is to ask at a party or gathering with friends. What better way to share such a momentous event than when your dear friends and family are in attendance? Marriage proposals on New Year’s Eve are elegant, exciting, and stylish.

The Pantone Fashion Color Report

You may have an idea of the colors you want to see in your wedding, but you’ll want to take a look at color trends before making your final decision on wedding colors. Will arrangements of pink and purple flowers inspire you or will you try another vivid combination?

new year's engagement

In 2016, the Pantone Fashion Color Report reveals a variety of subtle and vivid shades that harmonize perfectly in a spring bouquet. Traditional colors like rose quartz and peach echo will prove popular, as will deep colors like “snorkel blue” and “green flash.”

Imagine a gorgeous and avant-garde centerpiece with rose and deep purple flowers accompanied by fascinating succulents and pointed leaves in green and ivory. You might consider taking one of the season’s most beautiful colors and building on that shade for the rest of your wedding colors.

new year's engagement

The symbolism of embarking on a new journey with your significant other is never more meaningful than when it happens as the “ball drops” and we flip a page on our calendars for 2016. Start planning a wedding of beautiful colors that represent the joy you seek with your significant other by partnering with Curran Bros. Florists for your wedding flowers and planning.